My astrological reading with Antje was great! I never had an astrological reading before and to be honest I used to be very skeptical about it as I grew up in an anti-astrology-home. But when I met Antje she made me curious about it and it sounded not woo-woo at all, but fascinating. So I booked my very first session and wasn’t disappointed!
Antje and I’ve met in a quiet cafe in the Prospect Park neighborhood and she encouraged me to record the session on my smart phone so I can listen to it again at home. She came super prepared and had printed out copies for me about the constellations from my birthday and also from the phase I am in right now. Let me tell you there were some eye openers in this session! I could see several patterns in my life more clearly and also can deal with the challenges I have in my life right now in a healthier way.
Antje is a lovely lady! She is warm, open and smily and I felt I can trust her from the first minute. She’s somebody I want to be friends with!
I highly recommend her astrology readings! Give it a try!


New York City, NY

Thank you so much for your complex and thorough explanations of my birth horoscope. I was surprised to see that my calling (to gather information and pass valuable aspects on to people who are seeking help) is one of my strengths shown in the stars. By describing my constellations, Antje highlighted important aspects of my personality, which helped me understanding myself, my life and it also encouraged me to look further for my purpose on this planet


Larchmont, NY

Antje is amazing!
She is spot-on, thorough and extremely empathetic.
Her interpretation of my birth chart and personality made me more aware of my strengths and weaknesses and helped me see my true potential.
It was so empowering and I am looking forward to working with her again.
I highly recommend her services! 
Und für alle deutschsprachigen unter euch: Antje ist Deutsche und macht auch Readings auf Deutsch. Super service!


Brooklyn, NY

I’m glad I had a reading with Antje. She was really well prepared for it and she gave me great and valuable insights into my chart and the current transits I’m experiencing. She also offered pieces of practical advice that I can start applying right away.
I definitely recommend her, you won’t regret it!


Mexico City, Mexico