About Me

After my first professional career as a European project manager at a large record company and the arrival of our first daughter, my continuous search for answers lead me into the study of astrology.

I am passionate about languages (German, English, French, Spanish) and communication. Astrology is a symbolic language.

Being a Sagittarius and a world traveller: I have lived in Berlin, Paris, Melbourne and London. Currently I am based in Brooklyn, New York

During my extensive travels for work and fun around the world, I learned a lot about the vast beauty of cultural diversity. Meeting people from various cultural and social backgrounds always enlightens me, as it helps me understand peoples’ individual questions and needs.

Being married and a mother of two energetic little girls gives me an additional insight as I manage the everyday chaos of my lovely family.



I started to study psychological astrology in 2013 in Berlin with Martin Sebastian Moritz.


I attended courses with Roy Gillett, one of the masterminds behind the world’s most used professional astrology program, Solar Fire.

New York

I attended classes with Shirley Soffer former Education Director of the NCGR (National Council of Geocosmic Research),
John Marchesella (currently president and education director of NCGR) and Anne Ortelee, an internationally renowned astrologer.

Meira Epstein, a master in classical, hellenistic astrology as well as Astronomy (NCGR-certified level 4 astrologer). She is preparing me for the NCGR exams. I passed level I exam this year and am working towards level II now.

Being a member of the NCGR (National Council of Geocosmic Research) and OPA (Organization of Professional Astrology) I adhere to the NCGR & OPA ethical and integrity standards.

I regularly attend national and international conferences. Kay Taylor & Alexandra Karacostas trained me at the OPA conference in Tuscon, AZ in 2018 during a 3-day counseling skill course. I am fortunate that Kay Taylor continues to be one of my astrological mentors during her fantastic one-year mentoring program Spiritdance.


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